The Prince, My Book on Andrew Cuomo, is Out Today!

Order it now, come party with us on Thursday

Finally, at long last, you don’t need to pre-order The Prince anymore. It’s officially on sale today.

I’ll keep this brief because it’s Election Day here in New York City and I’m racing around the five boroughs all day and night. I very much encourage you to buy The Prince if you have any interest in the history of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and what happened over the last year. It is the first book of its kind and a true rejoinder to the propaganda memoir Cuomo published last year.

Once the dust of the mayoral race settles, we will be able to fully examine Cuomo again. It’s clear he’s not going anywhere.

Remember, if you can, to go vote today. Buy The Prince. Buy two copies if you want.

And come party with us this Thursday!

I’ll be back here tomorrow (or later tonight) to give my thoughts on a wild, nutty, and incredibly consequential election cycle. In the meantime, read my dispatches on the mayoral race in the Nation, Jacobin, and the Daily Beast.

See you soon,